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Certified Veterinary Technicians


Has been a certified veterinary technician with Newberg Veterinary Hospital since 1995. She knew at an early age that the veterinary profession was what she wanted to do because of her love of animals. She especially loves working with farm animals and has recently founded a non-profit farm and animal sanctuary, rescuing abused and abandoned farm animals, called Wildwood Farm Sanctuary here in Newberg.

She has also spent time volunteering at the Portland Audobon Society in their Wildlife Care Center working with injured wildlife. Her special interest is in veterinary dentistry.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family hiking, traveling to Central Oregon, bike riding and reading.


Has been in the veterinary field for 7 years and became a certified veterinary technician since 2010. She has previously worked at the CAT adoption team and at Columbia Equine Hospital.

She loves small animal dentistry, surgery and large animal medicine. Her hobbies include painting and riding horses. She has been involved in helping her mom with breeding, training and showing German Shepard dogs from a very young age.

She joined our team in 2014 and we love her!


Has worked as a certified veterinary technician since 1981 and at Newberg Veterinary Hospital since 1994. She loves every aspect of her job especially getting to know the clients and their animals.

She is married, has one daughter and one granddaughter. She enjoys pet sitting because it gives her one on one time with lots of different animals, while allowing the owners the ability to enjoy their time away without worrying about their precious pets.

In her spare time she likes to go to the North Umpqua River in southern Oregon to be with family and friends.

Assistant Technicians


I grew up in a lot of places, my Father was working on his Masters in Music so we moved around. My favorite places were Kentucky, Oklahoma and Louisiana. I grew up around the racetracks and have been a groom, exercise rider and a Vet Tech for equine, doing breeding, AI, foaling etc. I moved to Newberg in 1991,met and married my wonderful husband and had 5 beautiful children. I started working at Newberg Vet Hospital in 1997 and have been here ever since.

I have a certification in Radiology and Acredited Equine Veterinary Technology certification. I have loved animals for as long as i can remember and was blessed to grow up with parents and family that saw my passion and encouraged it! Horses are my favorite but I love all animals.

The Chupacabra AKA Harley is our chihuahua, he loves to pick on big dogs. Grizzley is our German Shepard, he gaurds the kids. Izzabella is our whistle pig, she will sing for lettuce. Bonnie Bodeene is my daughters Warmblood, She will grunt real quiet when you rub her forehead, she is a gentle giant. Jester is my husbands Saddlebred, he likes to fling me around when im trying to worm him and he spooks at everything. Brody is my daughters APHA, he is just an all around sweetheart and she is using him when she trys out for Rodeo Queen.

I ride horses, go to the kids sporting events, and have recently started running on the Treadmill.


I’ve grown up in McMinnville, OR my whole entire life. I just graduated high school and was looking through some ads and saw something about a kennel asst. I applied and got a response in less than 5 minutes. I started the very next day with all kinds of training. I started working as a kennel asst which including waking dogs, feeding dogs and helping with techs. From day one I’ve always loved my job!

My love for animals started when I was 6 months old. We had this boxer named Bruno, and he was my best friend! I couldn’t go anyplace without that dog. Even though he’s passed many years ago I still think about him!

I recently got two French Mastiffs, both named after something french. I helped whelp my little one since the day she was born so I came up with a million ideas of what to name her. So I decided to come up Brunella (French for little thing) and Adele of course! (Not from the singer though)

On my free time I have horses. So a lot of my time is spent with them. Nothing beats hanging out with horses. Dr Weber kept telling me to join Crossfit. I love to workout on my free time. So I decided to join and I am hooked!

Front Office


I always had pets growing up in Tigard. When moving to Newberg about 8 years ago, we established veterinary care here at Newberg Vet. By luck, on a regular appointment 4 years ago, I inquired if NVH was hiring and landed a kennel assistant job.

For my entire life I’ve had a passion for animals. I was always bringing stray pets home as a kid. Starting in my kennel position, I worked my way up to a Technician Assistant, and now am working in the front office. I definitely have enjoyed expanding my knowledge throughout the clinic, and learning different positions within veterinary care.

I have a 6 year old Calico named Autumn. Her story is unique because she chose me, i was helping with a 25 cat adoption and she was stuck to my lap or feet for the 3 days I was there. Nobody would adopt her because they said she was my cat. After adopting 24 of 25, I had no choice but take her sweetness home. Autumn is the princess of the house by her choosing, and she also adores her sister Dakota Sky wanting kisses and snuggles all the time.

When I have free time between both my jobs, I enjoy relaxing at home with my dog and cat. But on adventure seeking days, Dakota and I like to go for walks, runs, hikes, and her favorite, going swimming. I love horseback riding, taking my dirt bike out to the dunes and trails, and going on camping trips.


I grew up in Tigard, OR after moving here from California when I was 5 years old. I decided to go to college to become a veterinary assistant straight out of high school. After graduating with honors and a 4.0 GPA, I did my externship at Newberg Vet and was hired on from there in August of 2011.

My love for animals started when I lived in California and my family found a young pit bull puppy tied to a pole on the end of our street. After searching for the owner we decided to adopt her. She was spoiled and very loved for 5 years before having to be put down We’ve had many dogs since.

I have a 5.5 year old miniature Schnauzer named nova. She was a gift to me while i was in college when she was only 1 week old. Her mother was not able to nurse and the breeder was unable to care for all the puppies so i got to bottle feed and raise her all of her life. She currently lives with my parents and her friend, Cujo (a chihuahua), and is definitely the princess of the house!

On my free time, i enjoy spending the sunny days outside, camping or at the river. In the fall, I spend most weekends traveling to Eugene where I am a season ticket holder for the Oregon Ducks football games. GO DUCKS!


I was born and raised in Oregon. After wanting to be a vet during my childhood years, this position seemed like a good fit. I have always had some type of animals in my life!

Two of our dogs are rescues, Chiquita, a chihuahua and Slick Willie, a terrier mix. Both Chiquita and Willie were acquired through NVH. We also have Odin, a one year old Australian Shepherd. Our cat Dee Dee, was a NVH rescue as well. She was found in a a tree by some clients and brought to us as a small kitten.

On my free time, I like to spend time with my pets and my family. MY family and I enjoy working on our small farm, hiking, and mountain biking in central Oregon.


I grew up in Sherwood, but have lived in Newberg for over 20 years. After attending PSU for a completely unrelated career, I started volunteering with Cat Adoption Team in 2010 and decided that I would be much happier working with animals and the people who love them.

I have 3 cats, Pongo is a 6 year old Siamese. He’s very shy and sweet. Fat Ted is a 3 year old black and white short hair. He was clearly a Lab in his last life and loves nothing more than sniffing the feet of our guests. Stuart is out latest addition. He is a little orange tiger striped 2 year old who is a little ball of energy.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, gardening, and playing with my cats.


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