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Why Should I Use Fish Oil Prescribed by My Veterinarian?

Sources of Fish Oil Wild salmon have historically been an important fish used for omega-3 fatty acids because of their high fat content. However, as they have been overfished quantities have declined. Farm-raised salmon do not off the same levels if the important EPA and DHA needed in the supplements have other major issues including:

Leptospirosis In Animals

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can affect dogs and cats. The bacteria that causes it are spread via the urine of infected pets and wild mammals, which remains infective for up to six months. Pets who spend a lot of time in the water, or live in rainy areas, are at increased risk, making

Marijuana and Pets

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana on July 1, we would like to make pet owners aware of potential health risks to your pets resulting from ingestion. While generally not fatal, ingesting this plant can have serious effects. Symptoms of pet marijuana poisoning include glassy eyes, loss of coordination, disorientation, dilated pupils, drowsiness, agitation,

Learning to Speak Cat

Learning to understand your cat’s behavior is the best way to strengthen the pet-owner relationship. Unlike dogs, cats are naturally independent, solitary animals. Feline behavior is often subtle and less obvious, making it difficult to figure out what they are trying to tell us. Common behaviors like clawing, meowing or biting are your cat’s primary

Old Cat, New Behavior

Much like its owner, a cat’s behavior changes as it matures. As the rebellious days of youth fade, a wiser, more leisurely companion emerges. Between ages 8 and 11, a cat enters its senior phase of life and considerable physiological changes occur. A slower, more relaxed lifestyle replaces the boundless energy they had as kittens.

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