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We are pleased to provide veterinarian supervised boarding for cats, dogs, and large animals.

Our services include:

  • Spacious climate controlled kennels and runs for dogs with raised matting and bedding
  • Separate cats boarding room with special attention to cat need
  • High quality diets or food can be brought from home
  • Medications or supplements will be given by trained personnel
  • Dogs will be excercised 4-6 times a day
  • Full-time, trained personnel whose responsibility is to care for your pet while boarding
  • Kennel baths with brush out, nail trim and anal gland expression
  • Day boarding also available

Check-in is welcome between during normal business hours. Upon check in, you will meet our trained Animal Caretakers who will provide your pet with loving care. Please spend the necessary time with them to ensure your pet’s needs will be met during their stay in our boarding facility.


Our Grooming services include:

  • Veterinary approved shampoos and conditioners
  • Anal gland expression
  • Nail trim
  • Ear Cleaning and gentle plucking
  • Full brush out
  • Haircuts include all bathing services and style of your choice
  • Special services for cats including soft paws application
  • Medicated bathing offered
  • Veterinarian directed sedation if needed to ease your pets stress
  • Oral health exam

Puppy and Kitten Grooming: a clean and healthy coat is essential to your puppies comfort. Introducing your puppy to good grooming habits when young, will help them accept care in their adult years. Special pricing for puppies and kittens 6 months and under.

Other Services:

  • Nail Trims
  • Sanitary Clips
  • Brushing Only

Grooming Requirements

For each pet’s protection, including your own, we have the following requirements for pets grooming with us:

  • Your pet must be current on vaccines: please see our vaccine requirements for additional information
    • For Dogs: DAP (Distemper/Parvo), Bordetella, Rabies
    • For Cats: FVRCP (Distemper), Rabies


Meet Our Groomers


Our lead groomer has been in the business for thirteen years
and with Newberg Vet for seven.

Her love for animals bubbles over from her profession into her personal life with her family and farm outside Yamhill.

With a passion for horses, dogs, cats and even reptiles (she has a bearded dragon), her life is complete and full as she surrounds herself with animals as well as her husband and three children.

You may rest assured that she will take great care and pride as she works with your beloved pets.




Our second groomer has been grooming for two years and with Newberg Vet for six years. She has been working with Bev and learning from the best. Finally ready to step into her own she began seeing clients of her own in 2011.

What began as a desire to work as a hairdresser naturally evolved into grooming with us because of her strong love of animals. What a perfect fit, working with the four-legged as well as making the world a more beautiful place.

She sees grooming as a form of art because each owner has a personal taste on how they want their pet to look. It takes strong listening skills to make sure the communication is clear and the outcome of the haircut is just as the owner has hoped.




In addition to having a cool name, Tierra is a grooming assistant that works closely with Beverly and Amanda.

She joined the team 1 ½ years ago and had previously been a client. She too has a deep love for horses as well as dogs and has enjoyed having a job working with the animals that she loves.

In addition to being an assistant groomer she is also learning and developing her horse training skills. Quarter Horses and western pleasure have been her specialty, however; she began in the reigning world. Music, writing and reading are also past times of Tierra’s.


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